We are a product design and manufacture studio.

We recognize that periodical trends in home fashion are defined by the constant exchange between function and form, common and distinct, standard and unique, industrial and crafting, as are a reflection of the social, political, cultural, economic and  environmental context. At the household scale, we believe that the furniture and other home goods we acquire for our homes really do affect us on a day-to-day basis, thus we are taking in consideration not only the immediate impact of function and aesthetics.  We are designing for healthy, happy, long lasting and beautifully aged products and spaces.

With focus on design, interiors, furniture and objects, we create goods from conceptual ideas to finished product or interior spaces. We make furniture on demand, for genuine people with genuine needs, and we are innovators, experimenting with new manufacturing techniques, and distinct creative process for problem solving by design.


We offer customization of some of our products, and we are also collaborating with designers in creating new pieces on special requests or projects. All of our products are manufactured in our studio in Montreal.